Wandering Souls Guild Quest-Angel's Eyrie Flood

  Balthus Saltborn Quest: Investigate the flooding of Angels Eyrie. Welcome to my garbage rpg blog, where I post my haphazard notes from our adventures. Quality might improve. Session 1 Visited Balthus to ask questions met two other groups of adventurers 3 women well dressed. Met 4 weathered men. Balthus offered 3k gp in platinum per head. 1k up front. Vort bought a Wagon and 4 horses. Maya lost a lot of money at dice cards. Angel’s Eryie had a weretiger outbreak. Lost standing army. Flooding, Necromancer Falt/Lam  on island in northeast. Giant on the loose. Maya and Vort busted some highwaymen stealing. Vort killed 2 with lightning jav. Meet a large giant at camp on the road eating an ox leg. Vort played Dice Card. Reached the shanty town refugees outside Angel’s Eyrie. Met the trio of adventure ladies. The Valkyries. Session 2 Rooftop fight in flooded city vs giant crustacean and two Aboleths? Round 1 surprise round for monsters.   Round 2 Vort critted Crustacean who then paralyzed V
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